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When someone suffers an injury in the workplace or because of another person’s negligence or bad behavior, obtaining compensation for damages and recovery can be confusing and exhausting. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to shift the blame onto victims in order to avoid paying a settlement. At Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, P.C., our experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyers understand the legal strategies necessary to stand strong against those companies and help clients obtain fair settlements for their damages. This is not a fight clients should fight alone. With a thorough understanding of Missouri law surrounding these issues, we have the skills and insights necessary to help our clients win.

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    • BWO Client $1,500,000

      BWO resolved a case for a client with a $1,500,000 settlement. The parties and the details of the case are confidential. However, we are happy to report another good result for a great client. Our law firm focuses on making a positive difference in our clients' lives, and we were able to do that in this case. Mission accomplished!

    • Medical Malpractice Client $650,000

      We are happy to report settlement of a medical malpractice claim for $650,000. The details and parties of the settlement are confidential; however, the outcome was a great result for a very deserving client. Recent research has shown that medical error are the third leading cause of death in our country. That is a staggering statistic. Doctors and hospitals rarely voluntarily own up to their mistakes, and the Missouri legislature has long sought to erect obstacles that make it difficult for injured patients to get fair compensation. Our firm is proud to help those who have been injured by medical malpractice recover just compensation.

    • Trench Collapse Injury $510,000

      Our client was injured when a trench collapsed covering him in dirt up to his chest causing injuries to his neck, low back and knee. Our client was told by his supervisor to get into the trench even though it was known to be unsafe. The law did not allow recovery from the employer for the fault of the supervisor so we investigated a claim against the engineering firm that designed the trench. Our investigation showed that the engineering firm designed the trench to make shoring the trench impossible, creating the dangerous condition that resulted in our client's injury. We hired experts to evaluate the design of the trench, and these experts supported our theory of the case - that the engineering firm created a dangerous condition and it was foreseable that the condition would cause injury. We also hired experts to evaluate the injuries suffered by our client, and his ability to work. These experts concluded our client was not able to return to work, confirming the severity of the injuries he suffered. We pursued the claim to within weeks of trial. We were able to negotiate a settlement for nearly all available insurance from engineering firm. We are happy we could make a positive impact on our client's life.

    • Car Accident $200,000

      Our client was seriously injured in a car accident while she was working as a truck driver. She was a passenger in the truck when her team driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision with another vehicle. Our client was thrown forward and slammed against the interior of the cab. She suffered serious injury to her neck, which required a fusion surgery. She also suffered what is called a "double crush" injury to her median nerve. The median nerve runs from the cervical (neck) area of the spine to both wrists. Sometimes when the median nerve in the neck is injured, the injury can cause carpel tunnel in the wrists. Unfortunately that is what happend to our client. The accident and treatment left our client with painful, permanent injuries. We filed a workers' compensation claim against the trucking company. The company at first refused to pay anything for our client's permentant injuries. We hired experts and prepared the case for hearing. After seeing that we were prepared to try the case, the company agreed to pay our client $200,000. This was a good result for a very worthy client.

    • Slip and Fall at Work $132,500

      We are happy to report another good result for a client. Our client slipped and fell on ice while at work injuring his low back. At first, the injury did not seem very severe and doctors expected a good recovery. He had back surgery that is successful for most patients; unfortunately, the surgery did not help and left him with pain in his low back and legs. The employer argued that he was not injured as badly as he claimed because most patients have a successful recovery from the type of injury he had. We hired experts, took depositions, and prepared the workers’ compensation case for final hearing. The case settled before the hearing for $132,500 paid by employer. We were happy to get a good outcome for a great client.

    • Injured By Assault at Work $85,000

      Our client was working as a home heath care nurse when she was attacked by a patient. Her neck and back were injured and she was not able to return to work. Her employer provided some workers' compensation benefits but claimed her most serious injuries were not work related. The employer claimed she had pre-existing medical conditions that were causing most of her problems. We hired three experts to support our client, and we prepared the work comp claim for hearing. Before the hearing, we were able to settle the case for $85,000. Nurses care for us when we most need help. Unfortunately, nurses are injured at work more often than most any other profession. We enjoy representing nurses and their families when they are down and need help.