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When someone suffers an injury in the workplace or because of another person’s negligence or bad behavior, obtaining compensation for damages and recovery can be confusing and exhausting. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to shift the blame onto victims in order to avoid paying a settlement. At Buchanan, Williams & O’Brien, P.C., our experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyers understand the legal strategies necessary to stand strong against those companies and help clients obtain fair settlements for their damages. This is not a fight clients should fight alone. With a thorough understanding of Missouri law surrounding these issues, we have the skills and insights necessary to help our clients win.

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    • BWO Client $1,500,000

      Buchanan, Williams & O'Brien, P.C. secured a $1,500,000 settlement for an injured client. The defendant’s insurance company attempted to evade liability at first, and litigation might have been an option. Our attorneys doubled-down our attempts to reach a settlement to bring a case conclusion sooner than later. Our client is appreciative of the amount we secured. We have kept all information of this case confidential to uphold our client’s wish for privacy.

    • Medical Malpractice Client $650,000

      Buchanan, Williams & O'Brien, P.C. was able to secure a $650,000 settlement for a medical malpractice clients. In order to uphold our client’s wish for privacy, all specific details of this case have been kept confidential. Our legal team is more than proud to be able to report this case success. As the third more common cause of death in the United States, medical malpractice must be met with a lawsuit at every single instance. Through holding medical providers and hospital groups accountable for their errors, we can all help deter medical malpractice in the future. This is especially important in Missouri, where legislation has notoriously attempted to stand in the way of plaintiff medical malpractice claims.

    • Trench Collapse Injury $510,000

      While working in an unstable trench as part of his expected job duties and the direction of his supervision, a man suffered serious neck, lower back, and knee injuries when the trench collapse. He was partially and rapidly buried under dirt that piled up to his chest. Missouri law blocked our client from seeking a fair recovery from the employer, as the fault was pinned on the negligent supervisor individually. We researched who designed the unstable trench system and found the engineering firm had failed to make it possible for adequate shoring along the trench’s edges, which ultimately caused the collapse. Buchanan, Williams & O'Brien, P.C. utilized engineering experts of our own to study the trench design, as well as medical experts to study our client’s injuries and just how they would debilitate him in work. It was concluded he could not safely go back to work due to the trench-collapse injuries. The claim we filed on behalf of our client nearly went to trial, but we were able to secure a settlement payment from the engineering firm. The final amount was just shy of the engineering firm’s insurance cap.

    • Car Accident $200,000

      While completing regular job duties as a truck driver, our client suffered a serious injury while riding as a passenger. Her coworker was driving the truck when he had to complete a hard-braking event in order to avoid a negligent driver. The force of the sudden stop threw our client against the interior of the truck’s cab, resulting in a severe neck injury and a median nerve “double crush” injury. Her neck injury would ultimately need fusion surgery to correct, and her median nerve injury was serious enough to eventually cause carpal tunnel in both wrists. She experiences chronic pain and debilitation due to her injuries. After we created and filed a workers’ compensation claim against her employer, the trucking company, they tried to avoid paying any damages related to her lifelong injuries. In response, we turned to injury and accident experts and started compiling a case for trial. The trucking company quickly changed their tune when we notified them that we would pursue a lawsuit, and our client was provided a $200,000 settlement.

    • Slip and Fall at Work $132,500

      While at work, our client stepped on a patch of ice, slipped, fell, and hurt his lower back. He went to a medical provider, who prescribed a common back surgery and predicted a rapid recovery. Although the surgery was not a medical failure, it did not actually alleviate his condition. Lower back and leg pain got worse and persistent. Our client’s employer inferred that our client must be exaggerating his injuries since most people who receive his back surgery recover. This was stated without any medical backing. To make certain our client’s case would be respected, we turned to medical experts and used their statements in the workers’ compensation case we had prepared. Before the hearing could take place, the employer conceded and paid $132,500 to our client.

    • Injured By Assault at Work $85,000

      In a somewhat unusual case, we represented a client who was assaulted by a patient while she worked as a home healthcare nurse. The force of the patient’s attack was so great, she suffered severe neck and back injuries that prevented her from going back to employment. When her employer gave a small percentage of workers’ compensation benefits, it tried to argue that the extent of her injuries were not caused by the patient assault. To prove that our client had no preexisting injuries related to her debilitations, Buchanan, Williams & O'Brien, P.C. retained the help of three experts as we compiled her workers’ compensation claim for a final hearing. Shortly before the hearing, the employer agreed to settle her case for $85,000.