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Affording Your Medical Care after a Car Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic experience that leaves its victims with significant injuries and cognitive impairments that necessitate immediate medical treatments. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, it’s still important to seek medical attention once the accident report has been completed. A doctor can verify your condition, provide you with an essential treatment plan, and ultimately safeguard your personal injury claim by making notes in your medical report. Most importantly, an immediate visit to your healthcare provider can help you get back to work and your normal daily activities as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, getting medical care can be quite a challenge for some accident victims. Ideally, the at-fault party is responsible for paying your medical expenses. However, this person must have adequate insurance or personal assets to cover your bills. Furthermore, at-fault drivers and their insurance companies rarely provide compensation quickly. In fact, the overall legal process can take months to resolve. In the meantime, you’ll need to find another way to afford your medical care.

Personal Insurance

If you have personal health insurance, then your insurance provider should be able to pay your medical bills immediately. However, if your health insurance is provided by your employer, you may lose this option if you’re unable to work due to your injuries. If you’re uninsured, you may need to look for insurance opportunities through the health insurance marketplace, which is also known as “Obamacare.” Per the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers are no longer allowed to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and many people may even qualify for subsidies. However, even with subsidies, the cost of private health insurance can be prohibitive, particularly if you’re unable to work.

Car Insurance

Many car insurance policies also provide medical payments coverage. This can pay for your medical costs if you’re hurt in an accident, regardless of who is considered at-fault for the accident. If you have this coverage, your insurance company will generally pay for your medical expenses. However, coverage is generally limited to about $5,000. In addition, your car insurance provider has a right to reimbursement if you’re awarded damages in a lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation

If your car accident occurred while you were performing your daily work duties, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation. This also applies to employees who travel for work and are injured during their normal working hours. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney from our office can review the circumstances of your accident and help you file an accurate claim.


Medicare may pay your medical bills after a car accident if you meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

Medicare is available to citizens who:

  • Are over 65 years old
  • Are on Social Security Disability (SSD)
  • Have End-Stage Renal Disease

Unfortunately, there is a long waiting period for Medicare benefits related to SSD. Plus, Medicare benefits start 2 years after you’re first entitled to SSD, and you can’t wait 2 years for medical treatment. Even so, it is an excellent long-term care option for your car accident injuries, particularly if they require interminable treatments.

However, be aware that Medicare also has a right to any compensation you receive from the negligent driver or their insurance company.


In most states, Medicaid only covers pregnant women, infants, children and young adults under 19 years of age, and individuals who are disabled. Per this program, a person is considered “disabled” when they are no longer able to hold substantial, gainful employment and their condition is expected to last for at least 1 year. The income limitations for Medicaid are around $700 per month for an individual and $1,100 per month for a couple.

Like Medicare, this health insurance program will request reimbursement if you receive compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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