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What Impairment Ratings Mean for Your Disability Claim?

What Are Impairment Ratings?

The amount you receive in permanent disability benefits depends on your impairment rating (also commonly referred to as a “disability rating”), the extent and location of your injuries, and the amount of money you make each week. For example, if your arm is injured and a doctor gives you a 25% impairment rating, your permanent disability payments will be approximately 25% more than your weekly income.

An impairment rating is intended to estimate the severity of your injury and the extent to which the injury will limit your ability to earn a living in the future. The injury rating should be determined after you maximum medical improvement (MMI), which is the point at which further treatment will not improve your condition. In other words, MMI is the point at which your doctors tells you he or she has done all that can be done to treat the injury and improve your condition.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will most likely send you to its doctor (or a provider-approved physician) to be given a rating. However, this rating is almost always too low, which can keep you from receiving the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. The insurance company is a business that exists to make money, and it is always biased toward minimizing the extent and effects of your injury in order to reduce the size of your payout.

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